Our Mission

Is to inspire a wave of people doing daily Ancestral Karma Prostrations Practice

  • Cleanse the Ancestral Bloodlines

    In the tapestry of our existence, there exists an intricate thread of healing that weaves through the very fabric of the family lineage we have chosen to be a part of. In this modern era, many of us have incarnated onto this earthly plane with a profound purpose — to assist in the profound task of cleansing the ancestral bloodlines that span across the 13 tribes. This work is of utmost importance in our current time, as it seeks to liberate us from the burdens of karmic entanglements that have reverberated down through the generations.

  • Harness the Body as the Crucible

    Ancestral Karma Prostrations embody an ancient, profound technology harnessing the body's innate potential for extraordinary transformation. In this practice, the body becomes the alambic or crucible where the most profound metamorphoses transpire. Through prostrations, we access and navigate the intricate energy strata, drawing down ancestral karma and facilitating profound change.

  • Generate Profound Inner Change

    These prostrations serve as a conduit, channeling the velocity of ancestral thought and momentum into the body. Simultaneously, the use of sacred mantras neutralizes and transmutes the resonance of karmic vibrations. Throughout this sacred process, divine beings are invoked to oversee and guide this transformative alchemy, making it an assisted journey toward profound inner change.

The Offering

  • Ceremonies x 3

    We begin with a Circle of Ancestors, invoking and igniting this work. Halfway through, we come together for the Art of the Divine Beings, paying homage to those we honour. We close with an offering of 108 Prostrations & Prayers, together.

  • Practice Labs x 18

    There are three Practice Labs every week, always recorded. This gives you an opportunity to practice with other people in the group, and to have easy accountability for showing up. You can also use the recordings to support your own practice.

  • Instructional Material

    We offer a wealth of instructional material in a variety of formats (video, audio, text) for you to use to inform your practice and supplement your learning. Some of this was recorded live at an in-person AKP Retreat.

  • Messaging Support Group

    We open a Support Group a week before the six-week Course starts. This gives you time to connect with other people, get up to speed with the practice, ask questions, and get comfortable. All questions and posts in the support group are responded to within a day or so.

  • Accountability

    This is a practice-orientated Course. The intention is that you do the Ancestral Karma Prostrations Practice for 40 days - even if only five minutes a day. Or even if only three prostrations one day. We support and encourage you all the way. And if you miss a day, simply start again on Day 1 the next day, no big deal.

What the Ancestral Karma Prostrations Practice is all about

Karma is the energy that underlies all actions. It’s those invisible patterns that play out over and over again despite our conscious desire to do something different.

Ancestral Karma is carried forth through the familial lines, and can be burned up through this particular Tantrik Yoga practice.

This online Immersion is designed to provide a supportive, loving and accountable environment to do this work with more ease and joy.

Whilst it might sound fanciful to us, the yogis discovered that mantra ‘eats’ karma. 

That is, with correct focus, intention and attention, the use of specific sounds can impact the energetic body, which then impacts the mental/emotional and physical body.

This Immersion focuses on learning this Ancestral Karma Prostrations Practice, doing it every day with the support of the group and container, and collectively burning through Ancestral Karma. 

AKP Schedule • Ceremony

The Circle of Ancestors • Sunday, November 12 at 9 am NZST

The Art of the Divine Beings • Sunday, December 3 at 9 am NZST

108 Prostrations & Finale • Sunday, December 24 at 9 am NZST

The Circle of the Ancestors will not be recorded, the other two will be. 

AKP Schedule • Practice Labs with Anneliese • Recorded • Allow 30 mins

Each week • Mon/Wed/Fri at 6 am NZST

If these practice labs clash with your time zone, DON'T WORRY, we can organise something that holds and nourishes you at a time that suits you.  

Remember we are all here to hold, inspire and create great healing.  

Please DM Anneliese for help with practice times.

Nothing is compulsory. Everything is an invitation.  

Check your time zone here.

Your Teacher & Guide for Ancestral Karma Prostrations

Wisdom Keeper & Yoga Teacher

Anneliese Kuegler

Anneliese is one of those people you don’t forget, she is a scientist of the soul. She has a varied and diverse background from studying ancient Eastern sciences and wisdom to her current regenerative design work. She is a speaker, coach, teacher and a lover of all beings. She's also a qualified Yoga teacher who has made this art a major part of her life’s work. She is honoured to be a student under some of the world's best yoga teachers and prides herself on being a good vessel for passing on truly inspired knowledge. Anneliese is a knowledgeable, compassionate and caring teacher who holds the good of her students over and above all else. Anneliese is a mother of two and is involved in the visual and performing arts. She is the creator of the successful ‘Best Practice’ series of workshops being offered throughout New Zealand, Seven Souls online medicine journey, and MJB-Cleansing.


What People Say about AKP

Ancestral Karma Prostrations Participant


"I feel as though I now have the skills to work through my emotions as they arrive in my body, feeling them just as they are, detaching from any labels of good or bad, and unhooking from the stories and thoughts that arise. The prostrations practice was particularly powerful for me, I feel like I've been given a superpower to go through life with!"

Ancestral Karma Prostrations Participant


"I'm able to drop into joy, peace, and ease more often than before. I feel more connected to my whānau going back and forward in generations, which also has me feeling more connected to everything and everyone in life in general. I have more hope for my whānau."

Ancestral Karma Prostrations Participant


"I didn’t think I could do 108 rounds of the full standing prostrations then leaned into the resistance and completed and realised my own capability. I am also noticing a concrete shift in being able to easefully sense and stay with physical sensation in the body without going into story."

Got Questions?

  • Are scholarships available?

    Yes! If you would love to participate in this body of work but don't have the funds, please email Kara-Leah (see link under her bio on this page).

  • What's the time commitment?

    At a bare minimum, allow 11 minutes a day to do your practice. Plus allow 2 - 5 hours for learning and refining that practice via the video, audio and text material. If you want to attend all three ceremonies, allow another 6 hours in total. If you want to attend the Practice Labs, these run for 20-30 minutes, three times a week, and INCLUDE your daily practice. So as you can see... the time commitment is up to you. If you were to attend everything, it would be approximately 4- 6 hours a week including daily practice. Or, learn the practice, do the daily practice, and leave it at that if you wish. Then it's about 2 hours a week. Or, do 108 prostrations every day and spend 10 hours a week. It's really up to you!

  • When does the next online Immersion start?

    It hasn't been scheduled yet, but register your interest below, and Anneliese will be in touch as soon as the next Immersion or related event is scheduled.