What the Ancestral Karma Prostrations Practice is all about

Karma is the energy that underlies all actions. It’s those invisible patterns that play out over and over again despite our conscious desire to do something different.

Ancestral Karma is carried forth through the familial lines, and can be burned up through this particular Tantrik Yoga practice.

This online Immersion is designed to provide a supportive, loving and accountable environment to do this work with more ease and joy.

Whilst it might sound fanciful to us, the yogis discovered that mantra ‘eats’ karma.

That is, with correct focus, intention and attention, the use of specific sounds can impact the energetic body, which then impacts the mental/emotional and physical body.

This Immersion focuses on learning this Ancestral Karma Prostrations Practice, doing it every day with the support of the group and container, and collectively burning through Ancestral Karma. 


What people say after working with Kara-Leah

Ancestral Karma Prostrations Participant


"I feel as though I now have the skills to work through my emotions as they arrive in my body, feeling them just as they are, detaching from any labels of good or bad, and unhooking from the stories and thoughts that arise. The prostrations practice was particularly powerful for me, I feel like I've been given a superpower to go through life with!"

Ancestral Karma Prostrations Participant


"I'm able to drop into joy, peace, and ease more often than before. I feel more connected to my whānau going back and forward in generations, which also has me feeling more connected to everything and everyone in life in general. I have more hope for my whānau."

Ancestral Karma Prostrations Participant


"I didn’t think I could do 108 rounds of the full standing prostrations then leaned into the resistance and completed and realised my own capability. I am also noticing a concrete shift in being able to easefully sense and stay with physical sensation in the body without going into story."