So, you want to learn Classical Tantra?

You are SO in the right place. This course is designed to give an orientation to the vast system that is Classical Tantra. It offers you a basic Classical Tantra map based on the journey I’ve taken, which has been deeply informed by the teachers I’ve worked with, including Shiva Rea, Christopher Tompkins, Christopher Wallis and Shambhavi Sarasvati. It's my delight to be your guide on this liberating journey to that which you truly are.

  • Learn about the Philosophy and Historical Context of Classical Tantra

  • Immerse yourself in the fundamental Classical Tantra View teachings.

  • Explore Classical Tantrik Yoga practices that you can integrate into your daily life

  • Connect with a Classical Tantra teacher & community who can support you on your path

  • Learn how to integrate practice and teachings into daily householder life

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Roadmap • Practice • Connect

  • Roadmap

    Receive the roadmap, practices, teachings and pointers you need to be able to find your own way in the world of Classical Tantra.

  • Practices

    Learn about Classical Tantrik Yoga practices and set the foundation for a regular, daily practice

  • Connect

    Connect with a supportive Tantrik community where you can ask questions and receive guidance on your journey

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Engage with this Course

    • VIDEO • Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Classical Tantra

    • How to Engage with this Course • Updated December 20, 2021

    • COMMUNITY: Direct Realization Satsang

  • 2

    Orientating to Classical Tantra

    • Recommend Tantra Reading • My Favourite Tantrik Books + Key Tantrik Texts

    • VIDEO • Legends of the Mahāsiddhas • Godhuripa, The Bird Catcher

    • VIDEO • Legends of the Mahasiddhas • Thaganapa Master of the Lie

    • AUDIO • Introduction To Tantrik Philosophy

    • AUDIO • Tantra Truths - What Tantra is, and What Tantra is Not.

    • AUDIO • The Importance Of Practice

    • Finding a Teacher • Red Flags & Pitfalls

    • A Principle of Practice & Teachings • For whom and when?

    • SUMMARY • Orientation to Classical Tantra

  • 3

    Introduction to Tantrik Yoga • Part 1

    • Introduction to the Four Stage Tantrik Yoga Practice (Ucchāra)

    • VIDEO • Christopher Tompkins and Shiva Rea • An Introduction to Ucchāra Practice

    • Class 1 • Introduction to Tantrik Yoga

    • Class 2 • Introduction to Tantrik Yoga

    • Class 3 • Introduction to Tantrik Yoga

    • Class 4 • Introduction to Tantrik Yoga

  • 4

    Introduction to Tantrik Yoga • Part 2

    • VIDEO • An Introduction to the Tantrik Four Stage Practice

    • Class 1 • Introduction To Tantrik Yoga Part 2

    • Class 2 • Introduction To Tantrik Yoga Part 2

    • Class 3 • Introduction To Tantrik Yoga Part 2

    • Class 4 • Introduction To Tantrik Yoga Part 2

    • CLASS • Beginner's Four Stage Tantrik Yoga Practice including Uccara

  • 5

    Important Tantrik Teachings

    • INTRODUCTION • Key Tantrik Teachings

    • VIDEO • The Path of Tantra • Living in Process

    • AUDIO • Fundamental View Teaching on Shiva & Shakti

    • AUDIO • The Prayer for Pure Motive & The Impure Motives

    • VIDEO • How Awakening Unfolds & How to Orientate to Teachings

    • AUDIO • The Recognition Sutras • A Bedtime Story

    • SUMMARY • Final Words & Next Steps

Meet your Teacher

Kara-Leah is a Non-Dual Teacher influenced primarily by Classical Tantra and committed to liberation in this lifetime.

Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is a much-loved Direct Realization Teacher and writer. Her path began with yoga in the late 1990s, and she started teaching in 2006. She trained with Shiva Rea, and completed her 200HR TT with Shiva in 2011. Kara-Leah has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. She practices and teaches an integrated householder path of spirituality that has emerged from her decades of practice, study and self-study. This path is now primarily influenced by Trika Shaivism. Kara-Leah's path focuses on realising the self, resolving trauma and patterns, and rejoicing in daily life. She believes in growing community from this foundation in such a way that everybody is supported to thrive. She lives in Thames, with her teenage son, and is the author of three books.


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    Yes! It is. It's one more reason to become a member. Membership includes access to The Library (full of practices and teachings), a weekly Tantrik Yoga Classes, a monthly Satsang plus receive 30% discounts on all pre-recorded courses & more.

  • How does this course work?

    This course consists of a variety of Classes, Presentations, and other material that I have delivered over the last two years. You can work through it all at your own pace. My intention is that by the time you finish this Course you have a clear idea of what Classical tantra is, you've begun a regular Tantrik Practice, you understand some of the core View Teachings, and you're ready to take your next step into Tantra.

  • Tantra is about sex right?

    No - Classical Tantra is spiritual path, or a methodology for awakening and liberation. It goes back to around 500CE and originated in India. Neo-Tantra, which which began in San Francisco in 1906, focuses on sexuality and uses some of the Tantrik teachings.

  • How long do I have access to this Course?

    You get 180 days - or six months. It's plenty of time to do the Course as slowly as you like. I'd suggest allowing 1 - 2 months to work your way through all the material. If you're a Tantrika's Toolbox member, you have access for as long as you're a member.

  • Wait - why is this Course so cheap?

    It is, isn't it? Mostly because I want it to be accessible for people. When you complete the Course, there is an opportunity to offer dāna for the teachings. This is explained in the Course, and it entirely via choice and generosity.

  • It might be cheap for some people, but it's too expensive for me. Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes, I do. Send me an email (click the link above) and we can talk. And please don't be shy - reach out!

What People Say

Testimonials from people who've worked with Kara-Leah

Tuning into Essence Nature

Tania Lavcanski, Australia

"Learning Tantrik teachings has shifted things for me that were stuck. Having had lived experience with C-PTSD, I found it difficult to integrate all the philosophy I studied and practices I did on the mat into my daily life. Tantrik practices have shifted this immensely for me. I am finding myself integrating practice into life, tuning into Essence Nature, and allowing myself to fully feel every experience."

A Practical Application for Aligning with Reality in an Accessible Way

Andrea Villarrubia, Mexico

"If you are seeking practical, real-life tools, practices, and teachings for spiritual awakening, you will find them with Kara-Leah. She has organized essential teachings from Classical Tantric Yoga along with her own embodied learnings and process, honed from years of experiential practice. The result is a practical application for aligning with reality in an accessible way, whatever your personal path in this lifetime."

The Integration I've Found Has Been Amazing

April Waldman

"I am so grateful to Kara Leah for her guidance, presence, and teachings. I have been studying Kashmir Shaivism for about a decade but never got very far because it never made sense. The integration I've found through my work with Kara-Leah has been amazing. There is an ease in motherhood, my relationship with my husband, my work, my health, and a deep acceptance and gratitude of life. The grace that has opened from aligning with these teachings is so beautiful and profound. You truly don't want to miss this opportunity."