Are you ready to take your spiritual path beyond asana and off the mat? Are you ready to join a community of dedicated practitioners enjoying the f**k out of their lives, even while they deal with their sh*t?

Join Kara-Leah for a 6 week deep dive into a trauma-informed approach to the yogic path that is influenced primarily by Kara-Leah's journey and the Tantrik teachings of Trika Shaivism.

  • Realize the Self

    Who are you? Really? Underneath it all? Discover how to use your direct experience to investigate the nature of who and what you are. This isn't something you learn, but something you discover, feel and know. This is the process of self-realization and is the foundation for this path.

  • Resolve your Shit

    When we don't have the capacity to fully feel whatever is happening to us, imprints and residues are stored in our energetic, mental/emotional and physical bodies. Learn practices that support the digestion and dissolving of this conditioning so that you experience yourself as integrated and whole again.

  • Rejoice in Daily Life

    We often think that WHEN that happens, THEN I'll feel this. We operate from a place of conditioned joy - dependent upon circumstances. This path emphasises practices and tools to recognise and access the inherent joy available to us in every moment, no matter what is happening.

  • Learn View Teachings

    These are the most critical aspect of any spiritual path, and often the most overlooked. Learn HOW to perceive reality and the nature of Self in order to maximise the potential of realizing directly WHO you are, whilst also resolving trauma and patterns. Learn the difference between Absolute View and Relative View and how to navigate life skilfully through application of View.

  • Receive Practices

    Students will learn a variety of Practices including Ucchāra Practice, Orientation to Awareness, Open-Eyed Meditation, Deep Listening, Shiva/Shakti Embodiment, The Equality of All Phenomena and More. Recordings of these practices will be supplied to all students. Students will also learn the difference between formal and integrated practice, and how to create the conditions for daily practice.

  • Join a Community

    Join a nationwide (global!) community of practitioners supporting each other to self-realise, resolve shit and rejoice in the beauty of daily householder life. Our community connects via weekly online events, plus at in-person events and via the Telegram messaging app. Community members support each other to 'do the work', show up to practice, and celebrate the wins.

You and the spiritual path, it’s been years. 

Maybe it’s the longest relationship you’ve ever had.

But despite all the years, and all the practices, and all the workshops, retreats and classes… you’re still getting stuck in the same shit, maybe just a level or two up the rung, but it’s the same. 

You’re just wearing a different costume, eating different foods and identifying as a different character in the greatest stage show on earth.

But you’re still a character.

You’re still in the show

And you still think it’s reality. 

Sure, there was that awakening experience that one time, or maybe even a handful of times.

But awakening is NOT an experience - it can not be had.

And if you’re ‘having’ the experience, you’re still misidentified as the I-Self.

That’s not awakening. 

Awakening sets you free of identification with your self-images (I’m this, I’m that), your stories, your anxieties, your fears, all the things…

Awakening sets you free.

For real.

When you combine the right teachings, with the right practices, and the right way to look at yourself and the world…

You will wake up. 

Awakening will happen. 

Read that again. 

Awakening will happen. 

The Tantrik tradition says this process of awakening takes three years or less.

How many years have you been seeking?

If it’s more than three, and you’re not yet experiencing at least regular moments of awakeness… you’re lost my friend, so very lost.

Ready to get found?

The Direct Realization Training is based on the teachings and practices of Traditional Tantra. 

It focuses on HOW to apply those teachings and practices to a regular householder life.

That means that you not only wake up but also liberate yourself from mind-created suffering and begin to prosper in a way that serves you, your family and your community, 

It does this by teaching you HOW to recognise when you are keeping yourself stuck, and teaching you HOW to get yourself unstuck.

Because there are two ways that people operate in this world - one leads them deeper into bondage, and one leads them into freedom.

Which path are you on?

Which path do you want to be on?

Get ready to jump on a trajectory toward awakening, liberation and prosperity. 

💥 This is Embodied Liberation for the 21st Century 💥

What is Self-Realization (Awakening) and Is It Possible for Me?

An explanation from Kara-Leah, your guide, facilitator and teacher

💥 Included on the Direct Realization Training 💥

  • Weekly Live Transmissions from Kara-Leah • Tune in live or watch the recordings for View teachings that support your daily sādhanā

  • Weekly Webinars with Kara-Leah • Connect, share and ask questions about your practice and the process

  • View Teachings • The curriculum is systematically laid out with video, audio and text teachings each week

  • Buddy • You will be paired with another DRT participant who will support you through the Immersion

  • Telegram Group Support • Share or ask questions in Telegram and receive wrap-around support from Kara-Leah for Six Weeks

  • Community • Feel held, supported and a sense of belonging in the DRT community with a group of people who get your journey.

The Three Upāya • With a Focus on The Empowered Means

Upāya are the 'means to liberation', or the way in which we practice. On this Immersion we will learn about all three main upāya with a focus on The Empowered Means. This framework will take you beyond asana and help you bring all aspects of your life on to the path, in a skilful manner. That's where the gold lies!

  • Ānava-upāya • The Individual Means

    This is the 'starting point' for most practitioners - those practices which work directly with the body, and can be observed. For example asana and pranayama. Most Western practitioners are familiar with these practices.

  • Śākta-upāya • The Empowered Means

    This is where practitioners start to work with purifying their mental and emotional constructs of reality and the self. It's about discerning what is true, and not true, and cultivating wisdom. This is about working directly with the heart-mind using cognition and awareness.

  • Śāmbhava-upāya • The Divine Means

    This is the most subtle of the Three Upāya - there are no practices as such at this level, but rather an ability to orientate to life from moment to moment in a way that leads to direct realization of truth. This begins to unfold naturally as one experiences the fruits of the other two upāya.

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💥 What People Say 💥

Testimonials from Direct Realization Training Graduates

I Am No Longer Afraid To Be Fully Me

Kylie Harris, New Zealand

"I have found a deeper appreciation for life and all of the emotions we experience, all of the ups and downs. Rather than avoiding or suppressing the sadness or grief I have let myself fully feel into it. If I feel fear or anxiety I let myself fully embrace it and get curious about what is behind it. I also feel like more of me is coming out. I am no longer afraid to be fully me and I feel much more love and acceptance for all of me."

A Practical Application for Aligning with Reality in an Accessible Way

Andrea Villarrubia, Mexico

"If you are seeking practical, real-life tools, practices, and teachings for spiritual awakening, you will find them with Kara-Leah. She has organized essential teachings from Classical Tantric Yoga along with her own embodied learnings and process, honed from years of experiential practice. The result is a practical application for aligning with reality in an accessible way, whatever your personal path in this lifetime."

The Integration I've Found Has Been Amazing

April Waldman

"I am so grateful to Kara Leah for her guidance, presence, and teachings. I have been studying Kashmir Shaivism for about a decade but never got very far because it never made sense. The integration I've found through my work with Kara-Leah has been amazing. There is an ease in motherhood, my relationship with my husband, my work, my health, and a deep acceptance and gratitude of life. The grace that has opened from aligning with these teachings is so beautiful and profound. You truly don't want to miss this opportunity."

I Have Finally Come Home

Monique Macfarlane, New Zealand

Forty days ago, I stepped on to a Direct Realisation Tantra Immersion with Kara-Leah. Rooted in the classical path, my world was, blown open. The foundation that was built inside me, through those transformational six days, and the time since then, has given me an overflowing abundance of strength, power, compassion, peace, processing capabilities and most of all has allowed me to flourish... in the truth that I am love. I have finally come home."

Tuning into Essence Nature

Tania Lavcanski, Australia

"Learning Tantrik teachings has shifted things for me that were stuck. Having had lived experience with C-PTSD, I found it difficult to integrate all the philosophy I studied and practices I did on the mat into my daily life. Tantrik practices have shifted this immensely for me. I am finding myself integrating practice into life, tuning into Essence Nature, and allowing myself to fully feel every experience."

💥 Course Curriculum 💥

  • 1

    How to Engage with this Immersion

    • Introduction to the Immersion • Link Library

    • TASK: Introduce yourself to the Community

  • 2

    Week 1 • The Tantrik View of Reality

    • LECTURE: Shiva & Shakti • Orientation to Essence Nature

    • Outline of all the Stages of Ucchāra Practice

    • AUDIO • The Prayer for Pure Motive & The Impure Motives

    • IMAGE • Ganesh the Elephant Headed God

    • VIDEO • What are the the Bandhas and how do I engage them? An Interview with Kylie Rook

    • PRACTICE • Orientation to Essence Nature

    • PRACTICE • Open-Eyed Meditation

    • REVIEW • Learning Outcomes Week 1

  • 3

    Week 2 • Upāya, Samskara, Vikalpas

    • LECTURE • The Empowered Means to Liberation, Samskaras & Vikalpa

    • PRACTICE • Partner Work • Deep Listening Practice

    • BONUS VIDEO • Christopher Tompkins & Shiva Rea at Exhale • Introduction to Ucchāra Practice - Part One

    • BONUS VIDEO • Christopher Tompkins on Ucchara, Pranayama and the Divine Pose - Part One

    • BONUS AUDIO: Christopher Tompkins on Ucchara Practice and Application

    • PRACTICE • The Golden Column

    • REVIEW • Learning Outcomes Week 2

  • 4

    Week 3 • Life as Your Guru

    • LECTURE: Life as Your Guru • Immersing into Reality, Responding to What's Unfolding, Owning Your Reactivity

    • PRACTICE • Shiva/Shakti Embodiment

    • VIDEO • Christopher Tompkins on The Ascent of Sound Current in the Subtle Body (AUM)

    • PRACTICE • Breakdown of Process

    • PRACTICE • Ancestral Prostrations • Mantra Instructions and Practice

    • REVIEW • Learning Outcomes Week 3

  • 5

    Week 4 • Desired Reality

    • LECTURE: Desired Reality • Bhoga & Moksha

    • PRACTICE: Review & Choose • Practices to Date

    • PRACTICE • Breakdown of Process

    • REVIEW • Learning Outcomes Week 4

  • 6

    Week 5 • Statements of Intent

    • LECTURE • Vikalpas & Statements of Intent

    • LECTURE PART 2 • Installing a Statement of Intent

    • PRACTICE: Partner Work • Statements of Intent

    • PRACTICE • Breakdown of Process

    • REVIEW • Learning Outcomes Week 5

  • 7

    Week 6 • Resource States and Demons of the Chakras

    • LECTURE: Resource States & Demons of Chakras

    • PRACTICE • Trika Teaching & Practice

    • ARTICLE • Christopher Wallis on The Real Story of the Chakras

    • PRACTICE • Breakdown of Process

    • REVIEW • Learning Outcomes Week 6

    • LECTURE • Conclusion of DRT Immersion

  • 8


    • BONUS AUDIO • The Three Phases Of Awakening • Earth Beat March 2021

    • LECTURE • Breakdown of the Guided Self-Inquiry Process

    • MUSIC • Mantra Magic Playlist on Spotify

    • BONUS LECTURE • Explanation of The Four Stage Tantrik Yoga Practice (The Original Teaching)

    • PODCAST • For the Divine Mother of the Universe

    • PRACTICE • Four Pointed Awareness Meditation

    • ARTICLE • A Tale of Romance, Cigarettes and Vaping

    • ARTICLE • How to Resolve Trauma in Real Time with Tantrik Yoga Practices

    • VIDEO • What's the Difference between the Enlightened and Unenlightened Man? Muktananda reveals all.

    • VIDEO REFLECTION • Direct Experiences of the Practice of Brahmacharya

    • VIDEO • Tantrik Methodology for Working with Addiction

💥 You're Tempted, aren't you? 💥

But you'd like to know more. Read on...

  • When are the Weekly Webinars and what if I can't make them Live?

    Weekly Webinars are on Tuesdays at 11:30 am NZ time. It is compulsory to attend the webinar every week. If more than 10 people sign up, I add a second webinar on the same day at 7pm NZ time.

  • How much time does this Immersion require?

    This is an estimate of how much time you may need to commit to this Immersion. I would suggest making it your #1 education priority over the six-week period. It's preferable to make this your ONLY Course over this period. Estimated Time Commitment: • Showing up weekly to the webinar (2-3 hours) • Rewatching the webinar as necessary to complete OmWork • Completing the Curriculum Lessons (2-3 hour a week) • Practicing (ideally 30 minutes a day) • Journalling/contemplating/doing exercises or OmWork (2 hours a week) • Engaging in the discussion group (15 minutes to a couple of hours a week) In total, expect to spend a minimum of five hours a week watching, listening, reading, and doing exercises. Five to ten hours allocated would be ideal.

  • Do I need to be a Yoga Teacher?

    No, you don’t need to be a yoga teacher.

  • Tantra is about sex right?

    Nope, it’s not. Tantra is is a path of self-realization or liberation. Tantra is inclusive of all aspects of living, including working, parenting, relationships and sex. And there were (VERY complex) rituals aimed at merging with unity consciousness that included sexual practices. However, this has nothing to do with modern sexual techniques, or conscious sexuality, which is often (erroneously) taught under the name of Tantra. Suffice to say, there won’t be any sex in this Immersion.

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes, you can pay over three months. Make sure you click the Sign-Up button for Instalment plans.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    No, not anymore.

  • Can I email you my questions?

    Yes, you can. Use the email link under my bio below.

Choose Your Pricing Option • Early Bird until March 7

Please choose your preferred pricing option. All purchases are made through Stripe, and installment plans are automatically set up for a monthly payment. You'll get immediate access to the Course, but we don't officially start until March 20.

Meet your Direct Realization Teacher & Guide on the Path

Direct Realization Mentor & Guide

Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is a much-loved Direct Realization Mentor and Guide. Her path began with yoga in the late 1990s, and she started teaching in 2006. She trained with Shiva Rea, completing her 200HR TT with Shiva in 2011. Kara-Leah has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. She practices and guides people in an integrated householder path of spirituality that has emerged from her decades of practice, study and self-study. This path is primarily influenced by Trika Shaivism. Kara-Leah's path focuses on knowing the self, resolving trauma and patterns, and rejoicing in daily life. She lives in Thames, with her teenage son, and is the author of three books.

Residential Direct Realization Training, June 2021 • Photos by Tamara Josephine