Forty Days of Yoga examines what can come up on the mat and block us from practicing. Based on that, you create a strategy for sticking to your commitment.

Forty Days of Yoga teaches you how to find solutions and workaround to life’s regular challenges – including things like newborn babies, single parenthood and weekend- long weddings.

After you’ve read the book and done the worksheets, those regular life obstacles won’t have any power over you. You’ll be able to see them coming and take direct action to neutralise them.

You feel better when you practice yoga daily.

You're calmer, stronger, more flexible, and life has more ease. You're connected and in tune. 

You know this and yet it’s still almost impossible to get on your mat and practice. There’s always a reason why not. Not have enough time. Not the right space. Not enough knowledge of postures or sequences. Not disciplined enough. Not enough will-power. Not, not, not! But is this really true?

What you’ll get out of the book

  • Forty Days of Yoga takes you on a journey to examine what really stops you from practicing yoga.
  • Shift your mindset and gives you the tools you need to create and maintain a home yoga practice.
  • It’s not a book – it’s a result. And that is gold.
  • Find out how to design strategies to make daily practice possible in your life – no matter what your life is like.
  • Discover that you already have the time, space, will-power, discipline and know-how to create and maintain your home yoga practice.
  • Single-pointed focus and clear strategy to make it daily practice happen.This is not a one-size fits all solution – this is a journey into your mind that helps you tease 

Forty Days of Yoga isn’t just a book – it’s a workbook.

And the worksheets help you set your life up to support a home yoga practice. They help you collect and design tools to get you on your mat and keep you coming back to your mat.

Once you’ve done the work and only after you’ve done the work, then you start your Forty Day practice. What that practice will look like is entirely up to you.

Nothing will get in the way of you and your home yoga practice again. It will just be a part of who you are and what you do. 

All you have to do… is buy the book. 

Looking for a paperback version?

This multi-format Ebook edition of Forty Days of Yoga includes e-pub, Mobi and PDF.

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