Next Intake • 2023

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You've been on the spiritual path for awhile, and you think you know what you're doing, but... maybe you're not quite sure.

I mean, how long does this awakening and liberation gig take anyway?

And even if you do know what you're doing, it's feeling lonely, walking this path. 

You wish you had other people you could talk to about life through a spiritual lens.

You might already have a daily practice - and if not, you definitely know you WANT one. 

And you might need some support to make that daily practice  happen.

You definitely want to feel more ease, flow, joy and delight in your life. 

You want to feel calm, and clear, and have a dedicated daily practice.

After all, isn't that what this spirituality thing is all about? 

More bliss?
Less stress?

You DEFINITELY want to learn more potent and powerful approaches to the path.

And if there's a way to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that you seem to keep coming up against, you'd LOVE to know all about that.

Welcome to 💛 Sādhanā • On The Path 💛

This online Immersion has been designed just for YOU.

You'll join a group of other spiritual seekers eager to awaken and liberate within their 21st Century householder life of family, work, friends and socials.

Together you'll discover how to practice with ease every day, and how to meet the challenges of daily householder life. 

In this space you'll discover it's safe to share your inner world, be heard and supported, and discover you have wisdom that can benefit other people too. 

Collectively, we are walking each each home, and on Sādhanā you learn how to use the power of Intention to smooth and power this process with ease and flow. 

What are you waiting for?

It's time to discover how easeful this path CAN be, even in the midst of the challenges. 

It's time to sign up.

As one participant said last time, 'Come and experience the joy of connecting with other rad humans' on the path.

The Next Intake starts in 2023. Dates TBC

The Timer has been set for February 13, 2023

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Sādhanā is our daily pradtice, it is the path, it is the journey of the spiritual seeker

A brief word from Kara-Leah, your guide, facilitator and teacher

💛 The Path Can Be Lonely

Join Kara-Leah for an intimate, responsive & relational group Immersion journey..

  • Feel heard, seen and and understood on the path

  • Get the support and resources to determine the best practice for your life circumstances

  • Feel accountable to, and supported by, the group, and your buddy

  • Enjoy an experienced teacher & practitioner walking alongside you every step of the way

  • Discover new teachings that can radically shift your experience of the path

💛 Included on Your Sādhanā Journey

Everything you need to establish and maintain a daily sādhanā during and beyond this six weeks. It's not information-based - it's relationship-based. It's about your relationship with the path, your relationship with your practice, your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with Kara-Leah and the community. No - this is not your average online Course! It's wrap-around mentoring and support from Kara-Leah and the sādhanā community that could benefit you for a lifetime.

  • Weekly Webinars with Kara-Leah • Connect, share and ask questions about the path, your practice and the process. Two times lots available every week.

  • Weekly Live Transmissions from Kara-Leah • Tune in live or watch the recordings for View teachings that support your daily sādhanā

  • Telegram Group Support • Share or ask questions in Telegram and receive support from Kara-Leah & the Community

  • Practice Library • Choose from audio, video and text practices

  • Forty Days of Yoga • Receive an electronic copy of Kara-Leah's book Forty Days of Yoga

  • View Teachings • Access teachings relevant to daily sādhanā practice, lovingly curated as the Immersion unfolds

  • Accountability Buddy • Every participant is paired with an accountability buddy to support their sādhanā process

  • Community • Feel held, supported and a sense of belonging in the Sādhanā community with a group of people who get your journey.

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“Kara-Leah created such a safe space that I was able to share stuff that I’d never even thought of sharing! Now those weights are off my mind/heart/being, I'm enjoying more peace, yeah! Mind blowing but true.” - Oli, Sādhanā participant.

What People Say

Testimonials from people who've worked with Kara-Leah

A Transformational Experience


"Kara Leah, thank you so much for holding and facilitating such a transformational experience for us all. I loved how we were able to weave all our wisdom and experiences into the sadhana container, acknowledging the safety that was created for us all to turn up and show up with unguarded honesty. I came away knowing how to work with intention. I see how I can use it incrementally and on a moment-by-moment basis."

Such a Safe Space

Oli Love

"Kara-Leah created such a safe space I was able to share stuff that I've never shared before, never even thought of sharing! Now those weights are off my mind/heart/being, I'm enjoying a little more peace, yeah! Previously I thought I knew heaps about yoga but Kara-Leah showed me how much more there is, and how to use classical tantric yoga practices & wisdom to become so much more self-aware, and universally aware."

Lovingly Showing Up For Myself


"Today is Day 40 of lovingly showing up for myself and meditating each day. It’s become a really enjoyable part of my day and has stretched from 10 mins initially to 20 minutes most days now. My new target is 100 days!"

Constant Wrap-Around Support


"I loved the constant wrap-around support from Kara-Leah and others in the Telegram group, the daily accountability, and the joy of connecting with other rad humans. I'm becoming much more curious about how my body, soul, and mind move through life and slowing down to notice this."

Your program has changed my life in the most wonderful way

Mark Wuff

“I completed my 40th consecutive day of yoga today. I am so grateful. Your program has changed my life in the most wonderful way. The changes in me, physically, mentally, emotionally, have been amazing."

I finally figured out that all the answers, motivation, tools and methods were at my fingertips

Kate Robinson

"For years, I couldn't get myself to commit regularly to any form of exercise, or healthy eating to support it, or even to mental self-care. Nothing helped, no number of self-help books or meditation books or anything else. Through your worksheets, I finally figured out that all the answers, motivation, tools and methods were at my fingertips. I have a home practice that challenges me, that motivates me, and that I believe will last a lifetime."

An unbridled presence and honesty.


"Kara-Leah holds space with both compassion and an unbridled presence and honesty. She is generously sharing the process of guided self enquiry with her students, as a genuine desire to help many."

Real, enlightening & grounding

Tania Lavcanski

"Working with Kara-Leah has been refreshing, as she respects where her students are at, and lets that guide the way - there was absolutely no judgment, just acceptance. The space she holds is like a cocoon. It is nurturing, safe, loving, raw, real, enlightening, and grounding."

Her kindness and wisdom add profoundly to these ancient teachings

Anneliese Kuegler

"Kara-Leah guides and holds the space of learning and practice with such lovely grace. Her kindness and wisdom add profoundly to these ancient teachings as she makes them relevant and accessible to all people and all bodies."

💛 Tempted?

But like to know more?

  • How much time does this Immersion require?

    Allow at least 11 minutes a day for practice. Plus allow three hours a week for the Live Transmissions and Recording. Other than that, it's totally up to you. You can engage in the Course Material as much, or as little as you like. You can engage with the Telegram Group as much or as little as you like. When you register, you'll receive an email with all the details on how to block out time in your calendar so you get the most out of this Immersion.

  • When are the Weekly Webinars and What if I can't make them Live?

    Thursdays at 11:30am & 7:00pm NZ time. These are taught via Zoom, and recorded and so you can watch them back later. You can also use the Telegram Group to ask your questions, or do a share for the webinars. Kara-Leah will answer your questions or respond to your share in the webinar live.

  • When are the Live Transmissions?

    These happen via YouTube on Mondays at 1 pm, NZ time. You can either join Live, and so ask questions. Or watch the Recordings later. The Transmissions are usually between 20 - 40 minutes long.

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes, you can pay over three months. Make sure you click the Sign-Up button for Instalment plans.

  • Do I need to know what to practice?

    No - Kara-Leah will be supporting people to determine what the best practice for them will be for this sādhana. Your practice might be asana, dance, journalling, meditation, chanting or a combination.

  • Can I email you my questions?

    Yes, you can. Use the email link under my bio below.

  • What's Your Refund Policy?

    There are no refunds. Once you buy, you're in. Everything is recorded, and watchable at your own leisure. The Telegram Group is open 24/7. You've got everything you need to enjoy this Immersion. I do however allow transfers - if you genuinely can't attend, you can gift your place to someone else. Contact me to discuss. Finally, if you show up to all the things, do all the things, and after a couple of weeks (like 2 or 3) feel like it's just not for you, or not what you thought you were getting, I'm happy to have a discussion with you.

Meet your Teacher & Guide

Author of Forty Days of Yoga • Successfully completed a 1000 Day Sādhanā

Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is a much-loved Direct Realization Teacher and writer. Her path began with yoga in the late 1990s, and she started teaching in 2006. She trained with Shiva Rea, and completed her 200HR TT with Shiva in 2011. Kara-Leah has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. She practices and teaches an integrated householder path of spirituality that has emerged from her decades of practice, study and self-study. This path is now primarily influenced by Trika Shaivism. Kara-Leah's path focuses on realising the self, resolving trauma and patterns, and rejoicing in daily life. She believes in growing community from this foundation in such a way that everybody is supported to thrive. She lives in Thames, with her teenage son, and is the author of three books.

💛 Daily Sādhanā • Are you ready? 💛

How would your life change if you practiced every day, with ease & joy?