“Is it possible… is it possible that kundalini awakening could look like psychosis?”

After ditching university, Kara-Leah Grant spent her twenties traveling the world in search of adventure, creativity and a tribe of like-minded souls. Sex, drugs, yoga and music festivals were simply part of the fun, until they weren’t. Diagnosed as bipolar after leaping topless onto a moving logging truck in the wilderness of British Columbia, Kara-Leah returns to New Zealand to heal her soul, face her past, and uncover the deep truths of her innermost being. This is her story of healing, recovery and liberation.

What People Are Saying

Remarkable Honesty, Immediacy & Intimacy

Peter Fernando, author of Finding Freedom in Illness

“Kara-Leah writes with remarkable honesty, immediacy and intimacy. She offers us a glimpse into the very real challenges of spiritual life, and the blessings and unexpected transformation that can come through adversity, losing the familiar, and facing our human vulnerability with clarity and compassion. Her writing, flowing in a stream of consciousness style, takes us straight into our own direct, embodied experience. The humour and candour of her stories and inner unfolding remind us that spiritual life and the search for true meaning have little to do with having everything figured out, being perfect, or controlling conditions. In this day and age, such reminders are precious.”

A Roller-Coaster Ride

Lawrence Edwards PhD, author of The Souls' Journey

Kara-Leah Grant’s new book, Sex, Drugs and (mostly) Yoga: Field Notes from a Kundalini Awakening, takes you on a roller-coaster ride through Grant’s very real and very tumultuous journey through the transformative processes yoga. Her growing fearlessness, strength and integrity, which develop through her yoga practices and her willingness to confront her own flaws as well as the shadow sides of others and society as a whole, will impress you. Her unflinching candor and the ferocity of her pursuit of true and full awakening will definitely inspire you! She doesn’t present herself as an expert, an accomplished or model yogini, nor does she hide behind any other facade. She presents the raw reality of her experiences of using yoga in the heroic pursuit of the freedom to come home to her truth, her Self, and find rest in a kind of steady wisdom within herself."

Inspiring & Enlightening

Susan Pryor

“Kara-Leah opens her soul to the world here – that takes a certain kind of courage and to carry it off requires humility; often an uncommon mix; and Kara-Leah manages this aplomb, which makes for a reading journey that sweeps you up and carries you on the flow; as she too was carried through her life, buffeted, tossed, lost, found, lost again in tears and a heart that aches with such a poignancy it becomes one with you. Kara-Leah has led herself up a steep slope a seeming abyss of learning by being ‘with’ herself in a way many of us are too afraid to think of let alone sit in deep abiding contemplation with. This is the story of courage to heal and with it ‘gift’ the world a woman at the helm of her life captain so-to-speak of her ship … an awesome (cliched I know – but it is breathtakingly, gut-wrenchingly powerful) story from the perspective of someone (Kara-Leah) fighting for her soul…Inspiring and enlightening a guide as much as a roller coaster story!”

Reading This Book is a Healing Journey

Toni Faulkner

Your book is the most awesomest read I’ve read in bloody years! It’s addictive! Like a sponge that sucks you into another world and distracts you from your own reality. In a good way. Seriously loving it. Thank you for sharing your story, reading the book itself is a huge inner healing journey. What a skill to heal our world by having others read your words!

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